Just Here...HI!!!

GEEZ thought everyone should know that I have to pee...

There I said it.

Should be doing my math homework...I HATE SCHOOL...

Thought I should let that out too.

Especially Pre-Calculas. ITS SO HARD. Especially when you don't study. Homies I had a C (75%) and I slacked off for 2 weeks and it is now a D (65%),
Seriously God...Give me a break...

OH WELL...WATER POLO GAME TOMORROW! WE GOING TO WIN!...If I figure out what I am doing! I am afraid of fowling people...I have no idea how to block just that you can't hit them when they have the ball on the water.
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Bia Bia

So I already injured my calve during water polo practice. I found out it wasn't just a damn charlie horse. DAMN it hurts like a bitch to walk on it. My dad doesn't want me participating in the game today...Oh well. I guess I have to just somehow play and not let me dads know.
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No Polo Practice

So I showed up dreading practice today...
But knowing I needed it...
Guess what!?
Pool was filled with too much chlorine so practice = canceled. I think I looked pretty weird jumping up and down and then looking at the sky and yelling 'THANK YOU GOD I LOVE YOU!'


It was a moment. <3
I was more happy then I am when I find out dinner is ready.
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Napolean Dynamite Play

Eeeeeh it was good...
I just had a shitty day so I wasn't as excited as I should've been...
How am I suppose to play in a scrimmage water polo game when I can barely swim...
This shall be very...very gay.
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I am so tired. I spent 4:30 to about 6:05 today practicing waterpolo. DAMN I am so tired. But I want to get better so this weekend I will try to get better. Then again we have practice everyday this week. So ya never know maybe I will learn how to swim...DAMN...I had no idea what the hell I was doing but it made me feel better that some people that KNEW how to swim where doing worse than me. YEAAAAAH!

I saw EVERYONE there even my lil cutie emo friend Melissa...And DAMN Stephanie was saying she wouldn't make varsity. That girl was swimming I saw her...A whale...Beautiful...HAHA JK JK. But yeah she is a good swimmer. Me? I was choking on chlorine but I made it through. My neck hurts, and I do not want to know what parts of my body will be hurting me in the morning. You know food tastes so good after water polo practice. Anyways I will be seeing the water tomorrow during 7th...Yeah baaabi.
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I Love Mike Jones

Dude went to a party last night bought my friend a vibrator...I think her mom hates me. Went to a party today and had no money for a gift...BUT I SAW MY EMO FRIEND MELISSA! HELL YEEEAH.
Now later I am suppose to get some pizza at Annies work place...Dude I don't think I can go...OH WELL. Damn I is a bad bitch.
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Yeah so anyways besides the random title...I went to ANNIES!!!

GO SALLY! THATS MY BEST FRIEND! NOT YOURS BITCHES!!! So I helped her dye her hair...But instead of helping I think I fucked it up...I SHOULD'VE JUST KEPT SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR INSTEAD OF TRYING TO HELP...Oh well...I tried and thats what counts.
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Pro Con List

So Pros that I continue with karate...None....Cons...Neverending...I think in the near future Sally will give up martial arts.
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Pfft wish I could say I took pictures...But I didn't. They would've looked hella tight too because I spent two hours getting my make-up and hair did by some NICE asian lady named Amina. She told me and my friend Stephanie her life story. Don't you love hearing those? I mean seriously! I love hearing about others peoples lives...Well only if its interesting. I mean if its not then who fucken cares...But anyways maybe the 092349 people that I didn't know that I took pictures with put one up on myspace I will jack it and stick it her. It was fun but I showed an hour late. DAMN I looked fine. Its one of those times YOU KNOW you can be vain because YOU KNOW you look good. Oh I am such an ass...
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Who is he?

So anyways GOSSIP DAY. I never thought I could talk so much shit...but I did. GODDAMN. About like ... okay only a few people. And don't worry the people that read my entries on here. IT ISN'T YOU.

Just heard who is being an asshole on cheering and not. But I guess everyone has something faulty about themselves. Including the imperfect MAH. Talked to Stephanie Trinh on the phone for a little bit while she was shopping at Fashion Valley for some shoes to match her dress for the HC Dance this Saturday coming up...Damn everyone has dates. ITS NOT THAT BIG A DEAL! Geez everyone is pressuring me to ask someone. Calm your asses down. Original Sally is too cool to go with anyone. ♥
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